Doctoral Thesis
Wang Tiao 「Modeling of Pozzolanic Reaction of Siliceous Fly Ash in Cement System based on its Material Characterization」
Master Thesis
Nozomi Iwaya 「Effect of physicochemical characteristics of coal ash mixed material on heavy metal leaching」
Shimpei Ogawa 「Physicochemical interaction between ASR expansion and crack propagation in structural concrete members」
Chananun Chaimongkhol 「Nonlinear Full-scale Analysis of Concrete Structure with 3D Point Cloud Data」
Pen Kolneath 「Multi-scale thermodynamic analysis on early-age performance of RC deck slab on composite bridge」


Doctoral Thesis
Rungrawee Wattanapornprom 「A Comprehensive Numerical System for Predicting Airborne Chloride Generation and
  its Ingression into Concrete Under Actual Environmental Conditions」
Master Thesis
Yuta Suzuki 「Application of coal-ash to CSG focusing on its compactability and strength change due to fine particle characteristics」
Tatsuya Kusakabe 「Numerical simulation on crack propagation of lining concrete based on multiscale  integrated model」
Yusuke Hosoi 「Validation of Model for Predicting Airborne Chloride Based on Exposure Test and  Evaluation of Curing Methods to Chloride Ingression into Concrete」
Mikito Maruno 「Assessment of static capacity and fatigue durability with half-precast PC slab joint」 
Takahiro Yamazaki 「Survival analysis of risk factors affecting deterioration of road bridge RC deck slabs under severe environmental and loading condition」
Jeon Woomin  「Shear behavior of concrete structural members subjected to ASR degradation」
Bugalia Nikhil   「Time-dependent shear capacity of RC beams under statically sustained loading」
Siddharth Roy Chowdhury 「Chemical Resistance of Mortar Substrate with Geopolymer Coating」


Doctoral Thesis
Yoshisato Hiratsuka 「Estimation of Remaining Fatigue Life of RC Road Bridge Decks and Strengthening Works」
Zhu Xiaoxu 「Long-term excessive deformation of underground RC Box Culverts subjected to Drying shrinkage, Subsidence of Foundation and Sustained Shear」
Ali Ahmed 「Structural similarity on cyclic responses and corrosion impact for circular and square
 sectional reinforced concrete members」
Master Thesis  
Naoya Ono 「Multi-scale thermodynamic analysis on coupled thermal and shrinkage induced cracking of RC deck slabs of steel bridge」
Nishigaki Yuya  「Interaction between uneven double-box sections for subway and ground condition and earthquake performance」


Master Thesis
Kenta Oitate 「Experimental Investigation and Thermodynamic Analysis of Physical Properties of Cementitious Materials Exposed to Supercritical CO2」
Shohei Koyanagi   「Combined Effects of Binders and Curing Conditions on Ingress of Chloride Ions into Cementitious Materials」
Koki Shibata 「Development of anisotropic concrete model in consideration of ASR generation and transport」
Shiori Tanabe  「Numerical simulation on cracking progress of lining concrete based on multi-scale integrated model」pan>