①The Dawn of Concrete engineering
〇Industrialization of concrete
〇Modernization of design and construction methods

  • Participated in the Construction of Otaru harbor, Hokkaido, Japan.
  • 100-year durability test.
  • Tokujiro YOSHIDA
  • Discovery of segregation in fresh concrete
  • Innovation and fabrication of the high-strength concrete (unbreakable for almost ten years!)
  • Reinforced concrete design standard
  • Cf)
  • The Hammer of Prof. Yoshida
  • "Sardine" Concrete
  • ②Deployment of Technology and Diffusion Phase
    〇Material development
    〇Effective usage of resources
    〇Durability enhancement technology

    Masatane KOKUBU
  • Introduction of AE agent and pozzolanic admixtures
  • Development of concrete mix design method
  • Durability enhancement and effective usage of resources
  • Practical use in large-scale dam project
  • Yoshiro HIGUCHI
  • Railway construction
  • Technological innovation of railway track
  • Development of high-performance materials and evaluation method
  • ③Structuring Phase
    〇Structural design
    〇Development and construction
    〇Durability enhancement technology

    Hajime OKAMURA
  • Limit state design method
  • Durability design method
  • Explanation the riddle of shear and fatigue failures
  • Development of “High-Performance Econcrete, which later has known as Self-Compacting Concrete
  • Development of reinforced-concrete constitutive models and nonlinear analysis packages of reinforced concrete structures (WCOMD and COM3)
  • Development of thermodynamic platforms and integrated computational system (DuCOM)
  • Development of lifespan simulation of reinforced concrete by the means of multiscale approach, integrated in DuCOM and COM3 package.
  • Koichi MAEKAWA