International Society

1996 CONCRETE AWARD 1996 An, Koichi Maekawa RCA-Singapore
1996 Ferguson Special Lecture Hajime Okamura @ACI Fall Convention
2001 fib Awards: Diplomas to Younger Engineers Tetsuya Ishida An integrated computational system of mass/energy generation, transport and mechanics of materials and structures
2007 IPA Research Grant Award 2007 Koichi Maekawa, Taro Uchimura Nonlinear soil-structure interaction with press-in piles and system performance assessment
2008 IPA Research Grant Award 2007 Kohei Nagai, Koichi Maekawa -
2008 Nixhino Prize An EASEC (East-Asia and Pacific Conference of Structural Engineering and Construction) in Taipei
2008 ACT excellent paper E. Gebreyouhannes, N. Chijiiwa, C. Fujiyama and K. Maekawa Shear Fatigue Simulation of RC Beams Subjected to Fixed Pulsating and Moving Loads
2009 IABSE Prize Tetsuya Ishida IABSE
2011 ACT excellent paper Benny Suryanto, Kohei Nagai and Koichi Maekawa Modeling and Analysis of Shear-Critical ECC Members with Anisotropic Stress and Strain Field
2011 Nishino Prize Kohei Nagai EASEC (the East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction) in Hong Kong
2014 ACF Best Paper Award Yuya Takahashi, Koki Shibata, Koichi Maekawa Chemo-Hygral Modeling and Structural Behaviours of Reinforced Concrete Damaged by Alkali Silica Reaction
2017 JSCE Best Paper Award Takahiro Yamazaki and Tetsuya Ishida Application of Survival Analysis to Deteriorated Concrete Bridges in East Japan