Linked Modeling of Concrete Performance

To understand thermodynamics and microscopic mechanism for property development and deterioration of cementitious materials based on the knowledge of cement chemistry and concrete science.

Frontier of Civil Engineering I/II

The latest research topics are introduced by professors (omnibus lecture). The contents are : Applications ofseeds technology to real engineering needs R&D strategy Research background and objectives Historical overview of research and development and so on.

Nonlinear Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete

Space-averaging concept of finite domains of reinforced concrete elements is focused and the way of simulating the seismic behaviors of RC and PC members and structures is discussed. The discrete and smeared approach of cracking is the core of this lecture and the performance based design of structures is to be understood as the new generation design scheme of structural concrete.

Career of civil engineers in future

This is an omnibus type lecture for learnigng works of civil engineers. You can listen to a special lecture of OB?OG at the forefront.

International infrastructure construction management

This is a special lecture for exporting Japanse construction technology to abroad. You can learn how to behave as a project manager by case method.