Concrete Laboratory  The basis of research activities in our concrete laboratory is to contribute to society and earth resources as concrete has been utilized as a fundamental construction material.
In addition, our concrete laboratory is beginning to widen areas like microbe decomposition by applying acquired knowledge from the past researches.
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Professor Tetsuya Ishida's Paper Honored with the 2022 Yoshida Award from Japan Society of Civil Engineers We are thrilled to announce that Professor Tetsuya Ishida, as a co-author, has received the prestigious Yoshida Award (Paper Category) from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers for the 2022 fiscal year.
The awarded paper is titled "Reproduction and Load-Bearing Evaluation of Axial Cracks in PC Girders Using Multi-scale Analysis". This groundbreaking work provides an in-depth exploration into the occurrence mechanisms of axial cracks in PC girders, a problem whose detailed causes have previously remained unclear. The study not only sheds light on the formation of these cracks but also evaluates the load-bearing capacity of the damaged components. The insights gathered are of great value for future maintenance and management of such infrastructure, making this research an invaluable contribution to the field of civil engineering. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Professor Ishida and look forward to seeing more of his influential work in the future.

The Yoshida Award, Encouraging Prize 2022 from Japan Society of Civil Engineers Assistant Professor Ryota Kurihara won the Yoshida Award, Encouraging Prize 2022 from Japan Society of Civil Engineers for his research entitled "Numerical evaluation on the remaining structural performance of corroded prestressed concrete structures'.

2022 MLIT New CART (New Committee on Advanced Road Technology) Excellent Technology Research and Development Award Prof. Ishida, Assoc. Prof. Mizutani and their team members received the “2022 MLIT New CART (New Committee on Advanced Road Technology) Excellent Technology Research and Development Award” for their research project conducted from 2019 to 2021

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Best Presentation Award at Japan Cement Association annual conference
Mr. Izuru Segawa won the best presentation award at the 73rd annual conference of Japan Cement Association.

Japan Concrete Institute Best Paper Award
Assistant Professor Yuya Takahashi won the 2019 best paper award from Japan Concrete Institute.

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Member List has been updated

Final Lecture by Prof. Koichi Maekawa and his Retirement Ceremony
Professor Maekawa will give his final lecture on March 9th. After the lecture, we will also hold a retirement ceremony to sincerely appreciate his great contributions to the department and the university. Please register your attendance from the link below:
Registration for Final Lecture.
Registration for Retirement Ceremony.

JCI Best Presentation Award for Young researchers
Mr. Tatsuya Kusakabe (Former Master student) and
Ms. Rungrawee Wattanapornprom (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
have recieved the best presentation award for young researchers
at JCI annual convention 2017 (Sendai)
2017.06.11 JSCE Best Paper Award
Mr. Takahiro Yamazaki and Prof. Tetsuya Ishida have won the JSCE Best Paper Award
Paper Title : "Application of survival analysis to deteriorated
concrete bridges in east japan"

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2017.06.02 Member list was revised
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2016.06.22 "SIPMid-term Report"

SIP Project"The total research for road management cycle to ..." by Prof. Maekawa
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"Deans commendation to Prof. Maekawa"
>Prof. Maekawa was commended by dean of school of engineering for his outstanding achievements and contributions in school of engineering.
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