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    Multi - Scale Modeling of Structural Concrete         ISBN : 978-0-415-46554-0

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Authors: Koichi MAEKAWA, Tetsuya ISHIDA and Toshiharu KISHI

Published by: Taylor and Francis, 28th November 2008.     !! New !!

Language: English


      1.  Introduction  ----Multi-phase, Multi-Chemo-Physical Modeling of Structural Concrete

      2.  Hydration of Cement in Concrete

      3.  Micro Pore Structure and Moisture

      4.  Transport of Carbon Dioxide and Carbonation

      5.  Calcium Ion Transport and Leaching

      6.  Chloride Ion Transport and Corrosion

      7.  Time Dependent Mechanics of Cement Hydrates

      8.  Time Dependent Mechanics of Structural Concrete

      9.  Structural Mechanics of Damaged Concrete Structures

     10.  Fatigue Life of Structural Concrete


 Eq.(7.38) is mixed up with Eq.(7.40). Correct one for Eq.(7.38) is as follows. [Oct. 3, 2009]



  Nonlinear Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete         ISBN : 978-0-415-27126-4

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Authors: Koichi MAEKAWA, Amorn PIMANMAS and Hajime OKAMURA

Published by: Taylor and Francis, 2003.

Language: English


Part I    Analysis and Modeling of Reinforced Concrete

      1.  Introduction

      2.  Two-Dimensional Analysis of Reinforced Concrete

      3.  Three-Dimensional Analysis of Reinforced Concrete

      4.  Nonlinear Soil-Structure Interaction

      5.  Three Dimensional Analysis of Shells and Frames

      6.  Analysis of Strengthened / Retrofitted Structures

      7.  Nonlinear Interaction of Multi-Directional Cracking

 Part II    Constitutive Model of Reinforced Concrete
      8.  Stress Transfer Across Reinforced Concrete Interface

      9.  Elasto-Plastic Fracture Model for Concrete

     10.  Stress Transfer Across Cracks in Reinforced Concrete

     11.  Bond Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete

     12.  Modeling of Reinforcing Bars in Structure


  Modeling of Concrete Performance - Hydration, Microstructure Formation and Transport      ISBN : 978-0-419-24200-0


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Authors: Koichi MAEKAWA, Rajesh CHAUBE and Toshiharu KISHI

Published by: Taylor and Francis, 1999.

Language: English


   1. Introduction

   2. Rationalization and Quantification Methods of Concrete Durability

   3. Micro Structure Formation and Hydration Phenomenon

   4. Moisture Transport in Cementitious Materials

   5. Concrete - A Multi Component Composite Porous Media

   6. A Simulation Model of Early Age Development in Concrete : DuCOM

   7. Multi - Component Model for Hydration Heat of Portland Cement

   8. Conclusions & Future Development



  Self Compacting High Performance Concrete - Record of Challenge for Practical Application from Drawn Stage

ISBN : 978-4-901514-01-6     

Authors: Hajime OKAMURA (Editor)

Published by: Social System Institute, 1999.

Language: Japanese








  High Performance Concrete

Authors: Hajime OKAMURA, Koichi MAEKAWA and Kazumasa OZAWA

Published by: Gihoudou-Shuppan, 1993

Language: Japanese








  Nonlinear Analysis Constitutive Models of Reinforced Concrete             ISBN : 978-4-7655-1506-1

Authors: Hajime OKAMURA and Koichi MAEKAWA

Published by: Gihoudou-Shuppan, 1991

Language: English and Japanese


   1. Nonlinear Analysis for Reinforced Concrete Wall under Reversed Cyclic Loadings

   2. Reinforced Concrete Plate Element Model

   3. Joint Element

   4. Elasto-Plastic and Fracture Model for Concrete under Plane Stress States

   5. Contact Density Model for Shear Transfer of Cracked Concrete

   6. Bond-Slip-Strain Model of Deformed Bar


  Reinforced Concrete Engineering            ISBN : 978-4-87071-154-9
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Authors: Hajime OKAMURA and Shouichi MAEDA

Published by: Ichigaya-Shuppan, 1987

Language: Japanese


  Limit State Design Method of Reinforced Concrete Structures Ver.2 [Concrete Seminar 4]    ISBN:9784320073234
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Authors: Hajime OKAMURA

Published by: Kyoritsu-Shuppan, 1984

Language: Japanese



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