The Dawn of Concrete engineering

  • Industrialization of concrete

  • Modernization of design and construction methods



Deployment of Technology and Diffusion Phase

  • Material development

  • Effective usage of resources

  • Durability enhancement technology



Structuring Phase

  • Structural design

  • Development and construction

  • Durability enhancement technology



Tokujiro YOSHIDA

Masatane KOKUBU



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・Participated in the Construction of Otaru harbor, Hokkaido, Japan.
・100-year durability test.


・Discovery of segregation in fresh concrete
・Innovation and fabrication of the high-strength concrete (unbreakable for almost ten years!)
・Reinforced concrete design standard

・The Hammer of Prof. Yoshida
・"Sardine" Concrete

・Introduction of AE agent and pozzolanic admixtures
・Development of concrete mix design method
・Durability enhancement and effective usage of resources
・Practical use in large-scale dam project


・Railway construction
・Technological innovation of railway track
・Development of high-performance materials and evaluation method
・Limit state design method
・Durability design method
・Explanation the riddle of shear and fatigue failures
・Development of “High-Performance” concrete, which later has known as Self-Compacting Concrete
・Development of reinforced-concrete constitutive models and nonlinear analysis packages of reinforced concrete structures (WCOMD and COM3)
・Development of thermodynamic platforms and integrated computational system (DuCOM)
・Development of lifespan simulation of reinforced concrete by the means of multiscale approach, integrated in DuCOM and COM3 package.