1991 Japan Academy Award Masatane KOKUBU  
2001 Medal with Purple Ribbon Hajime OKAMURA  

Japan Society of Civil Engineers

1985 Achievement Award Masatane KOKUBU  
1994   Yoshiro HIGUCHI  
1963 Yoshida Award Yoshiro HIGUCHI 「Reserch about Admixture of Cenemet to Fill Microscopic Void」
1967   Hajime OKAMURA 「Basic Research for Using High Strength Deformed Bar」
1986 Yoshida Award(Department of Thesis) Jyunichiro NIWA, Kazuie YAMADA, Kazuo YOKOSAWA, Hajime OKAMURA 「Revaluation of The Equation for Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams without Web Reinforcement」
1990   Yasunori Suzuki,Koichi MAEKAWA,Yukikazu TSUJI,Hajime OKAMURA 「Quantification of Heat Evolution during Hydration Process of Cement in Concrete」
1994   Kazumasa OZAWA,Noboru SAKATA,Hajime OKAMURA 「Evaluation of Self-Compactability of Fresh Concrete Using the Funnel Test」
1995   Toshiharu KISHI,Koichi MAEKAWA 「Multi-Component Model for Hydration Heat of Portland Cement」
1999   Tetsuya ISHIDA,Koichi MAEKAWA 「An Integrated Computional System of Mass/Energy Generation, Transport and Mechanics of Materials and Structures」
2000   B.Hauke,Koichi MAEKAWA 「Three-Dimensional Modeling of Reinforced Concrete with Multi-Directional Cracking」
2000 Yoshida Award(Department of Research Achievement) Hajime OKAMURA 「Developing Self Compacting High Performance Concrete [General Subject]」
1981 Award for Outstanding Thesis Hajime OKAMURA 「The Method of Designing RC Beam against Shear [General Subject]」
1993   Koichi MAEKAWA 「Three-Dimensional Constitutive Models for Concrete Composite Considering Plasticity and Damage [General Subject]」
1996   Koichi MAEKAWA,A. Shawky 「Dynamic Nonlinear Analysis of Underground Reinforced Concrete Structures [General Subject]」
2001   Toshiharu KISHI,Tetsuya ISHIDA,Koichi MAEKAWA 「Interaction of Hydration Heat of Low Water to Cement Ratio Concrete with Moisuture Equilibrium in Solid Micro-pore」
1984 Encouragement Award for Outstanding Thesis Koichi MAEKAWA 「Formulation of the Constitutive Equation of Deformation Characteristic and Elasto-Plastic Fracture Model of Concrete」
1990   Kazumasa OZAWA 「Evalutaion of Aggregate Movement in Fresh Concrete Flow [General Subject]」
1995   Takumi Shimomura 「Drying Shrinkage Model of Concrete Based on Micromechanism in Concrete」(
1996   Toshiharu KISHI 「Multi-Component Model for Hydration Heat of Portland Cement and Blended Cement [General Subject]」
1997   Tetsuya ISHIDA 「Micro-physical approach to coupled autogenous and drying shrinkage of concrete」
1998   Xuehui AN 「Failure Analysis and Evaluation of Seismic Performance for Reinforced Concrete in Shear [General Subject]」
2001   Satoshi TSUCHIYA 「Nonlinear Three-Dimensional FE Solid Response Analysis of RC Colums Subjected to Combined Permanent Eccentric Axial Force and Reversed Cyclic Torsion and Bending/Shear」
1994 Award for Publishing  Hajime OKAMURA,Koichi MAEKAWA,Kazumasa OZAWA 「High Performance Concrete」
1994 Award for Engineering Development Hajime OKAMURA,Koichi MAEKAWA,Kazumasa OZAWA 「Developing Self Compacting High Performance Concrete」
2003 Yoshida Grants for Research Encouragement Kenichiro Nakarai 「The Effect of Underground Environmental Conditon on Long-Term Deterioration of Cement Hydrate」

Japan Concrete Institute

1982 JCI Award Hajime OKAMURA 「Concrete Technology Vol.19, No.5 (1981)」
1984   Koichi MAEKAWA,Hajime OKAMURA 「Formulation of the Constitutive Equation of Deformation Characteristic and Elastic-Plastic Fracture Model of Concrete under Biaxial Compressive-Tension Stress [General Subject]」
1996 Award for Outstanding Thesis R.P.Chaube,Koichi MAEKAWA,Toshiharu KISHI,Tetsuya ISHIDA 「Coupled System of Heat of Cement Hydration, Moisture Transport, and Microstructure Formation」(Collected Papers of Symposium on Analytical Modelling of Cement Concrete,Japan Concrete Institute,pp45-52,1996)
2004   Koichi MAEKAWA,Tetsuya ISHIDA,Toshiharu KISHI 「Multi-scale Modeling of Concrete Performance - Integrated Material and Structural Mechanics」(Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 1 (2) pp.91-126, 2003


1994 Award of Nikkei BP Hajime OKAMURA,Kazumasa OZAWA,Koichi MAEKAWA,Masahiko KUNISHIMA  
1996 CONCRETE AWARD 1996 An,Maekawa RCA-Singapore
1996 Ferguson' Lecture Hajime OKAMURA Professor OKAMURA delivered ferguson' lecture(Special Invited Lecture) at ACI FALL CONVENTION in 1996.
2000 The 7th Maeda Award(Award for Excellent Doctoral thesis of the Year) Tetsuya ISHIDA 「An integrated computational system of mass/energy generation, transport, and mechanics of materials and structures」
2001 The 1st fib Awards: Diplomas to Younger Engineers Tetsuya ISHIDA 「An integrated computational system of mass/energy generation, transport and mechanics of materials and structures」