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Here, text books written by our teachers after 1980's are introduced.
(Most of them are written in Japanese.)

1)  Limit State Design Method of Reinforced Concrete Structures Ver.2
      By Hajime Okamura, Concrete Seminar 4, Kyouritsu-Shuppan, 1984.5 (In Japanese)

2) Reinforced Concrete Engineering <Rewrite Version>
     By Hajime Okamura and Shouichi MAEDA, Ichigaya-Shuppan, 1987.1(In Japanese)

3) Nonlinear Analysis Constitutive Models of Reinforced Concrete
     By Hajime OKAMURA and Koichi MAEKAWA, Gihoudou-Shuppan, 1991.5 (In Japanese & English)

4) High Performance Concrete
      By Hajime OKAMURA, Koichi MAEKAWA and Kazumasa OZAWA, Gihoudou-Shuppan, 1993.9 (In Japanese)

5) Self-Compacting High Performance Concrete -Record of the challenge for Practical Application from Dawn Stage-
       Edited by Hajime OKAMURA, Social System Institute, 1999.3 (In Japanese)

6) Modelling of Concrete Performance Hydration, Microstructure Formation and Transport
     By Koichi MAEKAWA, Rajesh CHAUBE and Toshiharu KISHI, E & FN SPON, 1999 (In English)

7) Nonlinear Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete 

    by Koichi MAEKAWA, Amorn PIMANMAS and Hajime OKAMURA, SPON Press, 2003 (in English)

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