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Lund University - Lund Institute of Technology - School of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Journals on Internet
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This list includes the present subscriptions , for our depts. (found so far!)
*Building Physics *Building Materials *Structural Engineering *Structural Mechanics

Compiled by Helena Klein, Librarian at School of Civil Engineering Library,
Lund University, Sweden. Comments are always very welcome...

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The Library Journals A - J M - W + links to publishers, indices etc.

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About UNCOVER database UNCOVER database
"A free database, you only pay for the articles you order. UnCover is an online article delivery service, a table of contents database, and a keyword index to nearly 17,000 periodicals, over seven million articles are available through a simple online order system, The UnCover Reveal Alert service delivers tables of contents from the latest periodical issues directly to your e-mail box" ( Strongly recommended )

List of the titles in UNCOVER database (by AI)
"You can easily browse through the list to check whether a specific journal is present or not before you telnet to Uncover" (incl. ISSN-number- useful to know)

Science and Technology Journals Internet Yellow Pages
"This database indexes more than 4,300 scientific and technical journals. You can visit the individual home page of all journals of this database by clicking on the journal titles. Each journal has its own page detailing journal information. (Korea Basic Science Institute.)"

ASCE Civil Engineering Database (CEDB)
"is designed to provide easy bibliographic access to all ASCE publications. The database covers ASCE documents published since 1975. It provides access to all the journals, conference proceedings, books, standards, manuals, magazines, and newsletters."

Computer Science Journals
"Inspect the contents of about 180 computer science related journals..." by the Fachinformationszentrum (FIZ) Karlsruhe

Chapman and Hall Journals (Thomson Publishing )

Elsevier Science Tables of Contents

Ernst & Sohn Verlag (VCH Group)

VCH Publishing Group

Springer Journals Preview Service (SVJPS)

Thomas Telford (wholly owned by Inst.of Civil Engineers)

All other publishers here?

NewJour; Electronic Journals and newsletters
Search announcements of new electronic journals as posted on the NewJour mailing list (about 3000, Complete archive -- alphabetical

Serials in Cyberspace: Collections, Resources, and Services
A Real Comprehensive List by University of Vermont

Tables of contents, electronic journals...(UB2)
Another Compilation by Lund University Library

The Swedish Ass. of Business and Specialized Press  
Svensk fackpress, kategorier och alfabetiskt 280 fack- och specialtidningar med info om annonspriser, målgrupper, spridning, upplaga, tekniska data, etc. med direktlänkar till resp. eventuella hemsidor...(direkt även till Fackpressens nordiska motsvarigheter)

The complete list of all our journals at the library

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