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Daily Life


Lunch Seminar:

We hold Lunch Seminar every week. Notification sharing, experimental meeting, and research presentation are conducted. No lunch seminar during summer/winter vacation.

We shall welcome your observation. If you're interested in, please contact us beforehand.
Contact address is on the top of this website.

Experimental Meeting:

We hold Experimental Meeting every week. If there was any risk, trouble or accident during past one week, it must be reported here. Anyone who conducts experiment during coming one week must inform the plan briefly, and the detail plan must be informed and get permission from all the members in case any new experiment would be started. During semester it would be included in Lunch Seminar, and during vacation it would be held independently.

Experimental Room Patrol:

We conduct Experimental Room Patrol. All the students are divided into groups and the groups conduct it in turn. Patrol by group is conducted once a week, and patrol by all the members is conducted once a month. Result of patrol is reported to all the members in Experimental Meeting.

Weekly Report:

We hand in the report every week, on which we report past one week research progress and life and also express coming one week plan. This report is for communication between many students and less staffs, and for self-management of each student.


There're three Students' Rooms, and we share all of them among students of Infrastructure Technology and Designing Group.


Some members gather and enjoy club activities just freely such as Baseball, Movie-Viewing and etc.

Club HP (Japanese) : Movie-Viewing, Breakfast, Photograph, Baseball, Marathon

Out of operation: Soccer, Music Band, Reading, Early-Lunch, Beer, Pudding, Teaching Assistance


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Annual Schedule

Season Lab. Event School schedule
Spring Sakura (cherry blossom) viewing party with Kishi-Lab. (Concrete Lab. in IIS)
Welcome Party
Summer Japan Concrete Institute (JCI) Annual Conference  
Summer Camp  photo!  
  Summer vacation (August - September)
  Final defense for Oct. intake students
Japan Society of Civil Engineering (JSCE) Annual National Conference
Exchange session with Niwa-Lab. (Concrete Lab. in Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Mid-term defense for Apr. intake students
Farewell Party  
Autumn Welcome Party  photo!
Baseball tournament (Okamura Cup)  photo!
Site visit  photo!
Winter   Winter vacation (end - beginning of the year)
  Final defense for Apr. intake students
  Spring vacation (February - March)
Ski trip  photo!
Joint Seminar with Yonsei University (South Korea) and Tsinghua University (China)
Farewell Party

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Our laboratory are always ready to welcome any new members who are highly motivated. If you wish to join our laboratory, please contact Foreign Students Office (FSO). We can accept your application only through FSO.

We're looking forward to meeting you and having a wonderful academic life
 in our laboratory together!

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