Event Log

2010.10-12 Baseball competition (Okamura Cup)
2010.11.29-30 With Dam Night
2010.11.8 Send-off party of Chijiwa-sensei
2010.10.31 Izu-heda Marathon competition (Marathon club is launched!)
2010.09.29 Joint seminar with prof. Niwa's research group of Tokyo institute of technollogy and Kishi lab. of IIS
2010.09.22 Farewell party of Yani-san
2010.09.22 Mid-term defense (B4)
2010.09.21 Mid-term defense (M2)
2010.09.01-03 Japan Society of Civil Engineering annual convention, Sapporo
2010.08.28 Concrete Canoe Competition
2010.08.26-28 Society of young Cement Engineers Summer seminar, Hiroshima
2010.08.08-09 Summer trip
2010.08.03 Construction site tour (Yunishikawa Dam)
2010.07.29 Construction site tour (Tohoku Jukan Line)
2010.07.07-09 Japan Concrete Insititute annual convention, Saitama
2010.06.14 welcome party
2010.06.10 Visiting Nippon Steel Ironworks in Kimitsu
2010.06.03 Report meeting of Metropolitan Expressway watching
2010.05.21 Metropolitan Expressway watching
2010.03.26 Joint seminar with East Japan Railway Company
2010.03.23 Farewell party
2010.03.04-06 SSMS2010, International Symposium on Social Management System 2010
2010.02.20-21 Lab. trip  Ski
2010.02.04 Construction site tour (Ura-takao bridge)
2010.01.18 Special Lecture by Japan Society of Dam Engineers
Dec.18. 2009 Joint Seminar and Year-end Party with Bridge & Structure lab.
Nov.11. 2009 Concrete Technology Seminar @ YNU
Oct.-Nov. , 2009 Baseball competition !! (Baseball club

10.22 10:00〜v.s. Konagai & Koseki lab. 

10.28 10:00〜v.s. Keikan lab.

11.20 10:00〜v.s. Kuwahara & kishi lab.                 BEST8 

Oct. 25, 2009 Izu-heda Marathon competition (Marathon club
Oct.  2009 Welcome new members & party

Sept. 15, 2009

Joint seminar with prof. Niwa's research group @ Tokyo institute of technollogy

Sept. 9, 2009 Prof. Tetsuya ISHIDA win IABSE Prize. The Awards was presented by Jacques Combault, President of IABSE, on September 9, 2009, at the Opening Ceremony of the 33rd IABSE Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand. http://www.iabse.org/press/index.php
Sept. 8, 2009 Joint seminar with IIS concrete lab. (prof. Kishi's research group)
Sept. 5, 2009

Summer study trip for Gunkan-jima with prof. Matsuda and his research group @ Nagasaki university. 

Aug. 29 2009

Concrete Canoe Competition !

We are not winner....

July 24, 2009

July 27-29, 2009

Benny and Fujiyama visited Michigan Univ. prof.Li 's research group.3

        〃     ,gave presentation at Fatigue and Fracture in Infrastructure.

July 7-10, 2009 Assistant Chijiwa, phD candidate Okhovat, Benny, Januarti, Fujiyama and our almuni Sakai, Kawanaka gave presentation at JCI2009. Mr. Okhovat, Benny, Sakai, Kawanaka got award for young researchers.
June 28〜July 1, 2009

phD candidate Mohammad Reza Okhovat gave presentation iat Lifline Earthquake Engineering in Multihazard Environment.

May.27 2009

June 9 2009

”Tokyo metropolitan highway watching tour” and ”Demonstration of non-destractive inspection for real bridge”  These activities were supervised by Tokyo Metropolitan Highway engineers.

May.23 2009 Annual symposium of Global Center of Excellence for Sustainable Urban Regeneration at the University of Tokyo.
Oct.23 2008 Baseball Opening Ceremony with Prof. OKAMURA.  photo!
Oct. 9 2008 Video viewing session (about 'Kurobe dam' construction) was held in  Bldg.1, organized by Young Research Associate of JSDE.
Dec. 11 2007 Site visit to 'Ura-Takao bridge' construction site was held, cooperated by Kajima Corporation.   photo!
June 8, 2006 Site visit to 'J-PARK' was held, cooperated by J-PARK.  photo!